Oplus2 S/S2021 collection 


Le Solaire

Oplus2 (O+²) Spring Summer 2021 . The inspired from the ‘Reflective of the Sunshine in the Morning' 

One of the travels of the designer, Otto transcends the tranquility and the nature element into his latest design, named “Cloud Of Rays”.

 Shape on the cloud bringing out the mood of silence rhythms & reflection of warm sunshine which is project the power of nature. Representative  -

Light of Hope & Positive energy. The SS2021 collection features a graceful & fresh , bulky styling , signature digital print & geometric top, layering Jacket & fluid skirt, conveyed the message of teenage sprit.

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In This Season

Inspired by “Le Solaire” during one of the travels of the designer, Otto transcends the tranquility and romance of the city into his latest design. Named “Cloud Of Rays”. In this season, Otto using fabrics like different weight of cotton, cotton polyester, denim harmony colours vary from light green, jade, white  power pink, & sea blue create fresh and clean cut silhouettes.

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New Arrival

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&Hot Items

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Oplus2 Beauty Care Product

Our brand also has a debut launch of its Beauty Care series, with products such as natural perfume, natural lipsticks and balms, natural hand creams, and aromatherapy oil to enhance the total nature-friendly experience.

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