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Fly Me Up


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 {#Living Thing ,
to any organism or a life form that possesses or shows the characteristics of life or being alive


The #Story

Channeling its signature organic forms, prints and layers, Hong Kong design house Oplus2 (O+²) is unfurling a fresh and luxurious Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Fly Me Up, inspired by Living Things.

Summer outerwear with an easy-to-wear silhouette that offers opportunities for layering. Naturally dyed and made from organic cotton.

Known for his abstract and evocative nature photography, designer Otto Tang has created a series of digital prints, to adorn the flowing unisex Digital Print Blouse and Digital Print Tee with a muted image of blossoms and branches

Oplus2 (O+²) has taken this theme of Fly me Up, Embodying the vitality of changing seasons, the sky blue  Ruffled Blouse with its distinctive 3D-form silhouettes a statement piece that echoes the seasons cooler breezes, while capturing the energy of new life.

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In This #Season

Oplus2 (O+²) is known for its deeply personal artistic elements, and this collection would not be complete without the limited-edition  Hand-Painted Sweater, featuring flowers hand-painted in non-toxic ink by Otto Tang himself. The collection features a number of unique, hand-painted designs, with no two pieces the same. 


This season, in an effort to be more inclusive and to offer more opportunities for individual styling, the collection features unique modified cutting and fabrics for cooler climates and different bodies. This enables wearers to combine pieces, layer up and enjoy the versatility of these designs.

“Madonna said it really well: ‘You have to reinvent to stay fresh, to stay in the game’. To me, nature’s changing seasons are a reminder of that. We have to embrace the opportunity for reinvention and reshape ourselves to get the most out of life.”


Otto Tang,

Founder of Oplus2 (O+²).

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 {#Ability to grow,   Ability to adapt to the environment.}


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Oplus2 Beauty Care

Oplus2 (O+²)

Beauty Care Product

Our brand also has a debut launch of its Beauty Care series, with products such as natural perfume, natural lipsticks and balms, natural hand creams, and aromatherapy oil to enhance the total nature-friendly experience.


#New In Beauty Care Product

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{#Featuring #Limited Edition
Hand Painted Sweater

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